Vintage Aero Club talk about arial adventures.

Dot and Jim visited Turweston Aerodrome nr. Brackley to hear a talk arranged by the Vintage Aero Club. They enjoyed a coffee in the lovely café below the tower while watching the aircraft taking off.

View from the café in the tower at Turweston Aerodrome.







Then it was time to visit the headquarters of the LAA ( Light Aircraft Association) where the talk was being held.

Jim arrives at the LAA HQ at Turweston Aerodrome






Welcomed by Ruth and Steve all the visitors were soon enjoying some lively adventures. First we marvelled at photographs taken in the magnificent scenery in the Southern Alps by a couple on a flying holiday in New Zealand. Their experiences brought back many happy memories for Dot and Jim of their time down under dirt biking and visiting all the aircraft museums.

Then Stephen Slater amazed us with his tales from the Formula Air Races in Thailand and China. The brave pilots fly very small specially designed aircraft that looked no bigger than some model planes at high speeds around pylons. The mass starts and wing tip to wing tip flying was very exciting and Stephen was able to give everyone an insight into all the issues with these highly tuned engines.

Next Colin Hales explained how he had bought a set of plans, a load of wood from B&Q and built two aeroplanes. One he flew down to Australia and the other he is flying around the world. Unfortunately he crashed landed on a golf course in Japan and the plane is awaiting shipment back to be repaired. So more trips to the DIY store before he can resume his journey. He had taken some teddy bears along for the ride just as Dot and Jim had done in their old bus.

Then Dot was invited to tell the audience about the trip that she and Jim will be undertaking and Dot took the opportunity to introduce Percy the pigeon to the bears!

Dot introduces Percy to the audience.










It was a very interesting event and Jim realised how much help will be available from associations and fellow pilots as they fly around the world.

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