Support from Iridium to stay connected, everywhere!

At the recent General Aviation Safety Day held at the IWM Duxford Dot and Jim met with Dan Mercer from Iridium. Dan is the Vice President and General Manager for Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia and based at Stansted. He brought with him the equipment that Iridium are providing to make sure that Dot and Jim will be connected wherever they are on their fund raising flight around the world. An amazing package of the latest high tech products including a satellite phone with leads and spare batteries. This will be their last line of communication in times of distress… hopefully not needed.

The Iridium Go! will provide Global voice calling and text messaging for a smartphone which will be very useful to call ahead for clearances and information. The final product is the Rock Seven-Rock Air device to enable truly global tracking. Specially designed for use on the dashboard of light aircraft this is a messaging device that will relay information and the exact location of the aircraft to ground crew and Dot and Jim now feel a lot happier about flying into the blue yonder!

There will be an app to download so that  supporters can follow the flight and find out where Dot and Jim are at any time night or day!

The photos show Dan Mercer chatting with Dot and Jim and showing Jim how to use some of the items. 















Dot and Jim want to thank Dan and everyone at Iridium for the generous support for this charity flight and the Iridium logo will be displayed on both doors of the aircraft.

 For more information about these amazing products click on and find out how you can stay connected everywhere!


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