Radio interview update

It is said that everyone should aim to have a new experience everyday, we certainly did that last Thursday. In fact we had two amazing experiences, the first was to have a charity stall at our local market in Sandbach. It was a very windy day so the outside stalls had to be cancelled which meant the market was not as busy as usual but we enjoyed chatting to the shoppers and other stall holders.

Then in the evening we visited the local THE CAT radio station which broadcasts from the South Cheshire College in Crewe. An amazing well equipped building where a wide range of courses are available and we found the studio very interesting. All digital equipment.. a bit different from when Jim did his National Service in the Royal Signals and used transmitters and receivers the size of large suitcases.

Tim Fletcher made us very welcome and asked Jim to record a Christmas greeting jingle!

CAT radio jingles for Christmas








Then it was time to go live and play some music that had connections to our other journeys around the world. It was difficult to know what to say and we hope listeners found the content interesting even if the music was a bit out of date!










Thanks to everyone at THE CAT radio for the opportunity to spread the word about our fundraising flight.

A follow on from the interview is exciting news about a pigeon which may fly with us.. so watch this space.

Logo of the local radio station

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