Poem for those going on a journey

Roderick James came to our display at the air show at Southport to give us an item to take on our flight. It was a poem, one of many he has written and as we chatted each of us realised that we had met before. Our paths had crossed in 2001 at Tarifa on the very southern tip of Spain when we were out riding our dirt bikes. We had stopped to chat with some paragliders who had engines on their backs and he was parked in his motorhome nearby. The joy of travelling is that you never know who you will meet along the way or when your paths will cross again. Here is the poem..

When journeys call.

When journeys call don’t hesitate, with problems that you self create, although there’s many that come to mind, when journeys start their left behind, along the way the answers come and to questions that you never sung.

You learn to listen out for clues, instead of suffering with the Blues, these take you on your easy way, that lead you to your destiny, so if no answer you can see, look to the side and there twill be.


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