Percy the pigeon!

Percy shows the way

Percy the pigeon has flown in to join us on our global charity flight to help with the navigation and keep an eye on what we are doing in the cockpit. Pigeons are known for their navigation skills and Dot is happy to have Percy along to help with the complexities of the satellite navigation systems fitted in the plane.

Percy the pigeon arrives

Percy is from the loft at the local community radio station  The Cat 107.9 which broadcasts in the Crewe and Nantwich area. Dave, one of the volunteer presenters, broadcasts from the loft each Sunday and suggested that one of the pigeons would make an excellent addition to the crew.

Dave introduces Percy to Jim

Dave will be asking the listeners and local businesses to sponsor Percy as he needs to raise donations to pay for his ticket. We know that all pigeons are excellent flyers but to go all around the world is a bit too far so hopping on board an aeroplane for the ride is a fun idea!

The local community radio station will have a fund raising set up so listeners and any one who wants to support Percy can make a donation.  For more details  please visit 

In return Percy will be ‘tweeting’ as he visits local events before the flight and then he will we sending snippets about the places he visits and the other birds he meets on the journey.  Everyone will be able to follow Percy via his Twitter account…




Percy sits on his suitcase, all ready to go!

Percy will have his own special suitcase for the flight kindly donated by Wendy and Bob Room.


Percy checks out his suitcase.




Percy will also be filming inside the cockpit and at stopovers so Dot and Jim will have to watch out what they say and do as all will by  recorded by ‘pigeon spy cam’.

Once the flight takes off there will be an app which will show exactly where Percy is at that moment in time.

Lets get lots of pigeon followers on board and help raise even more donations for the Alzheimer’s Society.


Here are the first tweets from Percy. Come on lets get following this funky pigeon.

Percy has begun tweeting form the loft.