Percy helps at the Kielder Navigation Rally

Percy travelled north with Jim and Dot to the Brown Rigg Lodges where the rally HQ was based at Bellingham  close by Hadrian’s Wall and the Kielder Forest.

Bellingham centre



Paperwork for the navigation rally.



He was soon saying hello to the bikers at signing on and early on Saturday morning he was in charge of the clock as the riders set off on a 250km navigation excersise.

Percy and the time clock at the start.
Percy eyes the riders at the briefing






Percy was so happy to meet John Carey as the Carey Foundation are one of the sponsors of the flight with their logo on the tail fin of the aeroplane. He met John at the finish and at the start on Sunday when riders headed off once again into the glorious countryside.

Jim, John, Dot with Percy.



All ready to set off on Sunday.



Percy sits on a bike with a teddy bear






Percy also met a new friend, this teddy bear had been on the whole route and was surprised when Percy landed on the seat of the bike. We are sure that Percy told him about the flight he is about to take. Maybe he will be joined by some bears.

The riders were happy to complete the two day course around the forest and lake and Jim and Dot were on hand at the start and finish each day.

Percy is off again next weekend  down to South Wales.. he is a busy bird!

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