Sandbach Chronicle Article

A lovely article about our flight has been published in the edition of 14th June by Charles, a keen young journalist who came to interview us. Hopefully there will be a link to the article on the Chronicle web site so everyone can read about our charity flight. Watch for news!

Fundraising at Oswestry Collectors Fair

The weather was prefect all weekend at the Oswestry Showground and we were happy to talk to visitors about our fundraising flight.

Thank you to all who made a donation.

BBC Bargain Hunt were filming and it was interesting to see how they find the items to buy and how much fun they were having.

Bargain Hunt expert and the Red Team

Wales 500 Navigation rally.

Amazing weekend at the Three Counties Showground near Malvern for the very first Wales 500 Navigation Rally for big adventure bikes. Lots of sunshine, rain, laughter and good company and I was able to give a talk about our flight thanks to Burt from RallyMoto.
Thanks for all those people who made a donation and we now have a lot more names to go on the plane!

Cupcake Day

On June 14th the Alzheimer’s Society are holding a fund raising event. Check out the details on the web site and see how you can bake some cupcakes to help this worthy cause.

N.A.B.D. Rally at Tabley showground

We had a very interesting weekend at the rally organised by the National Association for Disabled Bikers at the showground in Tabley, Knutsford. Some unusual specially adapted  machines, lots of loud music and some very friendly people

Around the World at 80 display at Tabley


HUGE THANKS to everyone who made a donation.

sunshine and fun

Hope everyone is enjoying the Bank Holiday sunshine. We are planning to be at some of the summer airshows-this weather will be ideal. Pop along to say hello between the excitement of the flying. Cheers everyone who has already made a donation. Thank you.

Around the World at 80 poster

Thanks to Crewe Printers for the banner design and the lovely new poster. All donors will receive a copy to print.


Around the World at 80 route and flags of countries.

Peterborough show

Thanks to everyone who stopped to chat and those who made a donation. The space was a bit drab but we made the most of the display with our banners, posters and a model of the Cessna 182. The weather was amazing, hot and sunny and visitors were enjoying the show.

Around the World at 80 display with model plane.

Flights around the world

Item6. 19/03/18

From Jim (pilot)

I have been looking at the statistics for 2017. It was an average year for single engine journeys.

In January Peter Wilson and Mathew Gallagher completed their circumnavigation in a Robinson helicopter. Just behind them, still in January George Adam completed his flight. Then there was a long gap until December 29 when the first around the world flight was completed in an aircraft produced in China.

Only Wilson and Gallagher kept the British flag flying, all the others were from countries as diverse as USA/ Canada/Namibia/China/Russia and South Africa. In that list I am talking about single and twin engines, helicopters and microlights.


Item7. 19/03/18

From Dot (navigator)

I saw the lists when Jim wasn’t looking; we have a big issue here. Of the 397 circumnavigations since the first one in 1931 only 29 have been by female pilots. This has got to change.


Item8. 19/03/18

From Jim (pilot)

Typical woman the real important facts are missed

More than twice as many pilots chose a single engine aircraft and three times as many elected to fly east to west as those that went west.