Radio interview update

It is said that everyone should aim to have a new experience everyday, we certainly did that last Thursday. In fact we had two amazing experiences, the first was to have a charity stall at our local market in Sandbach. It was a very windy day so the outside stalls had to be cancelled which meant the market was not as busy as usual but we enjoyed chatting to the shoppers and other stall holders.

Then in the evening we visited the local CATs radio station which broadcasts from the South Cheshire College in Crewe. An amazing well equipped building where a wide range of courses are available and we found the studio very interesting. All digital equipment.. a bit different from when Jim did his National Service in the Royal Signals and used transmitters and receivers the size of large suitcases.

Tim Fletcher made us very welcome and asked Jim to record a Christmas greeting jingle!

CAT radio jingles for Christmas










Then it was time to go live and play some music that had connections to our other journeys around the world. It was difficult to know what to say and we hope listeners found the content interesting even if the music was a bit out of date!










Thanks to everyone at CATs radio for the opportunity to spread the word about our fundraising flight.

A follow on from the interview is exciting news about a pigeon which may fly with us.. so watch this space.

Logo of the local radio station

This is Cats radio interview

Jim and Dot will be doing an interview on the local radio station Cats from Crewe 107.9FM at 6pm on Thursday 29th November about their adventure. They will be choosing some of the music that reminds them of their travels and deciding which tracks to play while flying.

It is  a great opportunity to inform listeners about the fund raising and how to make a donation.


Another airfield visit

On a lovely sunny autumn morning we drove to Sleap Airfield just outside Wem in Shropshire.

Jim checked in at the Shropshire Aero Club reception to make enquires about what aeroplanes are available. We enjoyed a coffee in the clubroom and studied the many pictures of pilots and WW11 aeroplanes.


Looking out across the airfield to the welsh hills and the Wrekin Jim immediately decided that this will be a great location to get in some more flying hours.

Sir Jackie Stewart and faster research

Sunday morning we watched Sir Jackie Stewart interviewed by Andrew Marr. He wants to get the engineers and technicians who are leading the way in developing  Formula1 to work with the youngsters in the field of medical research in an attempt to speed up the research into Dementia prevention and medication.  It has been a neglected field as most people think it is just about old people and do not realise the impact it can have on families and carers. Lets hope his involvement will raise awareness in the minds of the general public.

Memory Group donation.

The Fareham Memory Group have kindly made a donation to have their name on the plane. This group meet regularly to allow both carers and those people struggling with the affects of dementia to get together and enjoy a chat or an outing. These type of groups and cafes are springing up in all areas and are providing some much needed support and respite.

Dot and I want to thank the members of the Fareham Group for supporting our fund raising for the Alzheimer’s Society.

October update from Jim

Just to let you know how the preparations for the flight and the fund raising for the Alzheimer’s Society are progressing.
Dot and I have enjoyed a busy summer attending a variety of events to raise awareness of our flight.
We have enjoyed chatting with many friendly people at antique fairs, flower shows, an airshow, motorcycle events and rallies, motorhome shows and a national caravan rally.
In August we launched the competition with a prize of two £100 vouchers kindly donated by Sainsburys and Argos. All you have to do is make a small donation to estimate the number of miles the plane will fly on the journey around the world. The person whose estimate is the closest to the actual mileage flown will scoop the prize and there have been some interesting numbers put forward.
After a lot of frustration Dot managed to make ‘on-line’ entries available from our website. Though she is still having issues with the so called social media platforms..she still thinks that platforms are where you wait for a train!
You may also have seen the interview on BBC North West and Breakfast Show which resulted in some wonderful donations from individuals, families and companies who have arranged for their logos to be on the plane or have offered help with the supply of equipment. The good new is that the space on the aeroplane tail fin is almost full however the nose is still up for grabs.
I have begun the process of updating my pilots licence to meet the latest European regulations and Dot is keeping busy reading all about the navigation aids and studying the charts.
So lots of progress is being made but there is still a long way to go and the winter will be a busy time. It is also important to keep the momentum of the fund raising and we are always open to new ways or ideas on the best way forward. Please get in touch if you know of an event that we could attend to spread the word and attract donations.
Once again a huge thank you for your support.
Regards, Jim Jones.

Jim enjoys his birthday.

We took a break from fund raising to go on holiday in the motorhome to Devon and Cornwall where Jim celebrated his 80th birthday.

Jim is 80 today.

Shame that the weather was a bit wet and very windy so we escaped into the tropical biodome at the Eden Project. Amazingly some of the other visitors had seen the interview on TV and recognised us and wished us good luck on our adventure!

Oswestry Antiques Fair

Huge thanks to Amulet Fairs for making us their nominated charity and great to chat with all the visitors and traders at the three events we attended. The response to our fund raising has been generous.. thanks to all.