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 Item 1. 19/03/18

From Jim (pilot)




I chose the Cessna 182 Skylane because its ‘high wing’ layout makes filming easier.

Cessna’s worldwide service is vital on a long flight such as this one.

The cabin dimensions are impressive, height 48.5 ins, width 42 ins, length 132 ins.

We could have a party.


Item2. 19/03/18

From Dot (navigator)

Lot to learn about the Garmin G1000NXI. It’s so comprehensive. I will still pack paper maps even though I intend to visit Garmin UK

Item3. 19/03/18

From Jim (pilot)

The short field performance and cruise of 145 kts are useful but 915 nm range needs thinking about.

Item4. 19/03/18

From Dot (navigator)

So the filming job has landed in my lap. I will enjoy myself with two Garmin VIRB wingcams, they are bluetoothed to the cockpit), two GoPro’s inside, they only have one button, a National Panasonic Lumix which I will only use on the ground and a DJI Mavic Air Copter which thankfully Jim will use on the ground. Sounds simple except every night I will have six memory cards to deal with. I have delegated battery recharging to Jim, six each night but he will be managing a ‘spare’ second set.

Item5. 19/03/18

From Dot (navigator)

All this talk about photography has made me forget about my main job, navigating the thing. Apart from the nav.screen in front of me I will be keeping an eye on Jim’s pilot screen and Jim, he has a habit of nodding off. Added to that I will have a backup program on a tablet. Wish I was eighteen and not eighty.






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