Documentary for TV



A two part documentary for broadcast television will be produced and several broadcasters who specialise in this sort of material have expressed an interest. It is a unique subject and such a documentary has not been made before. It is usual for filming, both on the ground and from above, to show some interesting sections in unusual locations. This documentary will give viewers a record of the complete flight. Viewers will be immersed in the splendour of the landscape and the drama in the aircraft. They will share the experiences of the crew as they cope with weather changes and air traffic control problems. On the ground they will understand the frustration of dealing with officialdom and technical issues.

The aircraft will be fitted with five cameras, two outside on the wings and three inside the cockpit and lots of video and still photographs will be taken along the route. We have solved the filming problems by remotely controlling the cameras from inside the aircraft to film directly overhead and in front of the aircraft. Cameras can film the side of the aircraft and we will use this facility to include the logo of all donors in the documentary on many occasions.

Two cameras inside the aircraft will cover the activity in the cockpit as the pilot and navigator deal with flying the plane. Finally a hand held camera will be used to take footage at every refuelling and overnight stop. Corrugated iron hangers with a backdrop of snow covered mountains in rural Alaska or sand dunes in the Mongolian wilderness will be the norm.

The data from all these sources will form the documentary which will be produced by a specialist producer. The documentary will include pre-flight footage showing fundraising at events, training and preparation.

Film crew with Jim ay Oswestry Collectors Fair

While all the channels we contacted were keen their criteria was a problem, they would require a cameraman, a soundman and their equipment in the aircraft. There isn’t enough space for this and the weight limit for the aircraft would be exceeded. After taking advice the decision was taken to make the documentary content ourselves then use professionals to produce the actual programme from the inflight, ground and departure and arrival footage.

Please show your support for this flight by making a donation today-thank you. This is a great opportunity for your company logo to be on display.

The TV promotion has started with an interview by Mark Edwardson from BBC Northwest Tonight.

Making a donation to this project is important but the returns have to be taken into consideration. Your logo on the aircraft will be seen by people in all the countries along the route. We will, obviously, be engaging with local media there and even if your company is not commercially active in that country it will be associated with other donors on the aircraft that are well known there and at home. All the logos on the aircraft are arranged so that they can be clearly seen by anybody, with or without a camera, who is standing nearby at the forty or more memorable places that we stop at during the journey.

By the way- did you know that more people have stood on the summit of Mount Everest than have flown solo around the world?