Waitrose donation

Thank you to the customers and staff at Waitrose in Sandbach who have made a wonderful donation of £366 to the Alzheimer’s Society as part of our fund raising. The photo shows Jim receiving the cheque from Natasha a member of the staff.

Sir Jackie Stewart and faster research

Sunday morning we watched Sir Jackie Stewart interviewed by Andrew Marr. He wants to get the engineers and technicians who are leading the way in developing  Formula1 to work with the youngsters in the field of medical research in an attempt to speed up the research into Dementia prevention and medication.  It has been a neglected field as most people think it is just about old people and do not realise the impact it can have on families and carers. Lets hope his involvement will raise awareness in the minds of the general public.

Memory Group donation.

The Fareham Memory Group have kindly made a donation to have their name on the plane. This group meet regularly to allow both carers and those people struggling with the affects of dementia to get together and enjoy a chat or an outing. These type of groups and cafes are springing up in all areas and are providing some much needed support and respite.

Dot and I want to thank the members of the Fareham Group for supporting our fund raising for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Crewe has become a Dementia Friendly Community

The town of Crewe has become one of the latest Dementia Friendly Communities that are helping to support people and their families who are living with the disease. There are 369 such communities around the country trying to raise awareness of the how shops, businesses and the general public can help make the day to day tasks easier.

Sometime it is the little things that make a difference.. for example a person with dementia often shows no outward signs of a disability and his or her carer may just need that bit of extra time when parking the car or paying at the till.

Well done to all at Crewe who have made this possible and we hope it will make a difference.

Cupcake Day

On June 14th the Alzheimer’s Society are holding a fund raising event. Check out the details on the web site and see how you can bake some cupcakes to help this worthy cause. www.alzheimers.org.uk