My name is Jim Jones and to celebrate my 80th birthday I intend to make a remarkable journey when I fly myself around the world. I will be joined by my wife Dot who will be filming the journey and helping with the navigation. At eighty years old, an age when most octogenarians are absorbed with sedentary activities or pursuits we will be doing something unusual for a good cause. We have chosen to raise funds in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society who help to support those people and their families who are struggling with the effects of dementia.

We became aware of dementia many years ago but it took a family member to focus our attention. She was a normal grandma in every sense of the word but suddenly deteriorated without being aware of her condition. This is one of the problems with dementia, the patients look normal; consequently they tend to get ignored.

The facts make shocking reading, statistically one third of all over sixty year olds will suffer from dementia. The medical services simply cannot afford the high cost of the support that they need, yet we cannot afford, morally or monetarily to ignore them. Many will become bed bound in hospital and that affects every one of us. Dementia is the biggest killer, more than cancer and heart disease combined.

Go to  www.Alzheimers.org.uk for more information.

Can dementia be cured?

No, there isn’t a cure but the onset of the condition can be delayed with sufficient research, we aim to raise a significant sum for the charity.